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One of the most Highly Reviewed Commercial IT companies.
Meet our President, Cliff Holland.

Why Take A Chance On An I.T. Service With Little Or No Track Record, Over A Track Record You Can Clearly See?

Every business has great recommendations that THEY put on their website, Google reviews can't be chosen.....


TekMate is a group of IT and military veterans that channel the same dedication we had for helping and protecting Americans

into helping and protecting the businesses in our local community. We do this by:


  • Helping them understand the REAL (not hyped) risks they are vulnerable to as well as the potential damages, so that they can make the best choices regarding the level of cyber security they need.


  • Streamlining labor intensive processes that bog down their work flow
    • Example- replacing paper notes with touch screens for a client that allowed for much quicker data capture and data recall on the production floor
  • Transforming their general-purpose technology that may not protect them from the pitfalls of their industry, to business-specific technology systems that are perfectly matched to their industry or their unique business.
    • Example- protecting CPA’s from being “down” at tax deadlines, subjecting them to penalties and upset clients)




Network Operations Center (NOC)

By partnering with TekMate you not only get a local support team that can help with technology problems and optimization, you also get an enterprise-caliber Network Operation Center (NOC) with hundreds of technicians of all skill levels, that give us the ability to handle any and all technical challenges we could ever run into and at any scale.




Security Operations Center (SOC)

As a TekMate client you have the option of being protected by an enterprise SOC that not only watches over your network and technology systems, but also helps with remediation of security incidents should they occur. Without having experts watching that know exactly what to look for, you could have cybercriminals lurking on your network for months without anyone knowing they’re there.




Customer Friendly Ops Team- Your Technical Liaison

TekMate provides a very customer friendly operations team as your liaison with the technical team. They will coordinate and schedule all the technical support that your company needs on a daily basis. This team is also your liaison and translator between the technical team and your staff so that you always have someone to speak to that is highly skilled at explaining your support tickets/remedies in terms you can easily understand.





President/CEO Cliff Holland spent many years in the United States Air Force as an avionics technician on fighter aircraft and knows the value of strong discipline and group buy-in to the mission that comes from his military training.

After completing USAF technical training Cliff spent 8 years working on radar/radar jamming systems for fighter aircraft to prevent them from being shot down by enemy missiles. After leaving the USAF he graduated from Appalachian State University with a double major in Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology and after working in a few different small businesses, he transitioned to Corp America, (Bayer Healthcare). Although he did well, he found that he preferred the small business environment due to the similar sense of comradery of the military.

It was at this point that he made the decision to become a small business owner. He and Denise (his wife of 25yrs and a nursing home physical therapist) had moved to Fla from Charleston SC and after looking at almost every mid-size community in FLA (no big cities), chose Sarasota/Bradenton because they felt there must be like-minded people there since they didn’t want a big city but also didn’t want middle of nowhere.

He chose to buy a small tech company that was nothing fancy, but had been around for many years and had many client reviews about how they would go to great lengths to make sure that not only were their clients satisfied, but also that they were there when the day came that they needed them most. Much like the mindset soldiers have when serving their country.

The bad news was that it turned out the business was operationally immature with very labor intensive business processes, so the only way they could have good customer experiences was to have a lot of people work long hours with excellent internal communication.

One of the problems with manual business processes is that they’re prone to mistakes. Our dedication to clients and their mission meant that we accepted the long hours that were sometimes needed, but manual processes were causing people to burn out too quickly.

As part of evolving the business to to a highly efficient organization, Cliff brought in I.T. operational experts which gave us operational maturity as well as efficient/automated work flows, processes, and added a Network Operations center, as well as a Security operations center. Although painful, at the time, TekMate is now more technologically sophisticated and efficient than the average bear because we invested so heavily in people, infrastructure and automation.

Why choose us?

We  learn our clients’ missions and essentially become a member of their team to help them complete their company missions any way we can be of service.  Sometimes this means customizing our support plan to make sure each client gets support in the way and at the time that they need it most.


What People Say

Craig Cohen Dell Laptop Repair

They were quick, efficient and very professional.

Repaired the screen on my Dell laptop. They were quick, efficient and very professional. Had my computer back within one week. Work was done well and their price was very reasonable. If I needed another repair, I'd go there again.

Arthur Barber Hard Drive Repair

The Service Was Top Notch..

My computers Hard drive gave out and I was lucky enough to pick this company for my repair. They replaced my hard drive and reinstalled my programs and now it works like it did 5 years ago when I bought it. The price was comparable to other companies and the service was top notch.

Susan Larkin Printer Repair

We highly recommend this company,,,

We had a great experience with We Fix Computers. Our initial phone call already had me feeling at ease with the company because of the professional manner in which it was handled. A technician came within the specified window and quicky was able to set up our printer to print, scan, and copy. He took the time to show us what he was doing and to answer other computer/printer questions we had. We highly recommend this company and would use them again if the need arose.

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