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We are one of the largest and oldest Commercial IT, Computer Repair, iPhone and iPad Repair services in the area. Our “User-Friendly Techs” have repaired thousands of servers, computers, phones, tablets, etc. and our Google rating tells you that you can count on having an excellent customer experience and tech repair outcome, on-site or at our storefront location.

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  • On-site IT Security | Computer Networking | Server Support Services | Repairs

  • Over 100 5-STAR Google Rating Reviews

  • All PC and Apple products including Windows-based & Macs, Tablets, and Phones

  • Two storefront locations to serve you since 2004 – Bradenton and Sarasota



When everything is working great, the benefits of IT support and consulting firms may not seem that important. Why IT support is necessary becomes immediately apparent when problems occur with IT Security, Computer Networking, and Server Issues. The percentage of commercial businesses that have IT disasters and never open their doors again would shock most people and is the reason why the right IT companies and IT solutions should be in place way before things go wrong.

Many people use a reactive IT strategy of only calling tech support when something goes wrong enough that it creates a significant operational problem or when business disruption occurs. Only the will they will then call a local IT company and request immediate help. The problem is that IT providers have no way to predict customer emergencies and providers have legal obligation to service their contracted customers first.

This may not sound like the end of the world. However, a new technician who is unfamiliar with your setup and systems will take much longer because they must first spend a substantial amount of time orienting themselves to your unique tech environment. Also, they may not have the passwords or access they need because the business owner didn’t know to ask for it form their previous service provider.

Companies with a proactive IT strategy (what’s known as Managed IT Services) have fewer problems with their systems, don’t spend any more on IT than the reactive folks, and yet experience less downtime and less catastrophic breakdowns. When major problems do occur, they have the disaster preparedness to withstand them and are far less likely to suffer catastrophic business losses.

IT Computer Networking

Efficiency, Speed
and Security

Our experience and understanding of small- to medium-sized business class networks allows us to quickly spot security related issues and weak points, as well as increase overall speed and reliability. No matter the situation, we can help!

Our team of computer network support specialists, systems administrators, and help desk associates can help you answer the question of “what is computer networking?” and “How can I make it work for my business?” to assist you to become more effective and speed up sales and data retention processes.

We can solve any networking issues such as:

  • Unusual Traffic Coming from your Computer Network

  • Wireless Security and Guest Networks

  • Networked Printers and Scanning

  • Security and Surveillance IP Cameras and Systems

  • VoIP and Phone Systems

And Errors like:

  • “the remote computer requires Network level authentication.”

  • “one or more Network Protocols are missing on this computer.”

  • “cannot reconnect all Network Drives.”

  • “the DNS Server cannot be found.”



There are many types of servers used by small- and medium-sized businesses. Domain Controllers are used in HIPAA regulated industry such as healthcare, accounting or law offices with healthcare clients. They promote controlled from a central location for security purposes. File Servers give you a central place to store company data that can be easily backed up so that critical data is not lost if individual workstations experience catastrophic failure, which is quite common. FTP Servers are used for transferring large files such as websites or videos.

Support for servers can be done remotely as well as on-site, but the main consideration for a server is that they cannot be treated as a regular workstation. They are much more complex and much more sensitive to lack of routine maintenance and improper operation than regular PC’s are and their life can be shortened by half if not properly cared for.

Many Server Support IT Services can be provided via virtual server support unless the problem has caused the server to power off or lose internet connectivity. Common reasons that we provide Help Desk assistance for servers:

  • DNS Server Problems

  • Proxy Server

  • Email Server Support

  • 500 Internal Server Error

  • Server does not Support Secure Connections

  • SMTP Auth Extension

  • SQL Errors




What People Say

We Fix computers was awesome!! They came out to help us within hours of us calling! My company had a major computer issue and Steve came out and knew exactly what he was doing. He had it working again very soon within arriving! They price he charged was very fair as well.

Brittany Glazier

Brandon was very helpful and explained everything he did. He walked me through several applications to make sure I understood them and stayed beyond his appt time to make sure our new set-up was working smoothly in all respects.


My iPhone screen had broken towards and I was strapped for time to get it fixed. Sam, who is one of the most outgoing and charismatic Tek Mate personnel, fixed my iPhone is under 15 min. flat. I was amazed and so grateful. Thank you all for your technological support to the Tek Mate team and especially SAM!!!


We just moved from Pittsburgh with two two iMacs that required reconfiguration, restorations from back up drives, installations of Microsoft office suite of and general cleaning up. Brandon did it all with competence, patience and caring. We could not have asked for more or better service.


Over 200 Google Certified Reviews

5 Star Reviews

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