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IT security audits, especially firewall security, are one of the best reasons to bring IT consulting firms in to assess a network because that usually means the business owner is proactive instead of waiting until the damage is done and hoping everything can be put back to normal. Active management of security is the most important aspect of security because calling tech support after intrusion occurs makes it tough to achieve ideal solutions. The speed benefits of the high-speed internet mean much faster browsing than the dial-up days. However, it also means that your network is ALWAYS connected to the web and ALWAYS within reach of cybercriminals. This means that unless properly protected with systems such as IDS, your network has a high risk of attack. What is IDS? It stands for Intrusion Detection Systems and is designed to pick up on signatures, anomalies, etc. and activate prevention mechanisms. Criminals use automated “bots” to crawl the web looking for unsophisticated networks that can be easily breached and accessed.

Today cyber attack is more of a question of when and not if in the current environment, meaning that a few years ago, even doing nothing about your network security still meant you had a pretty slim chance of being attacked, but no more. We hear in the news every day about new threats being discovered including malware, spyware, Firewalls and Network Security, and others. Many large corporations have thought their email secure, only to find out later from some not so famous hackers that they still have some learning to do regarding email security. Depending on the security level your business needs, you may even want to consider wiretap detection.