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Half Price iphone Repair! For the month of August we’ll repair your iphone 5,6 or 7 screen and most other iphone repairs, for 50% off the regular price!

Cheap iPhone screen repair for the older phones is not too hard to find, but newer phones like iPhone 6, or iPhone 7 probably won’t be that cheap? Of course, the most affordable iPhone screen repair is to use your two hands!

“How much does it cost to fix an iPhone screen” is one of the most common phone calls we get and “iPhone screen repair near me” is one of the most common tech repair search terms. But occasionally there are the adventurous types that have already asked themselves “could I fix my phone screen myself?” and not even take it into a repair shop for a screen replacement. You don’t have to search long on youtube to find a ton of videos called “how to fix a cracked iPhone screen”. And while the answer is yes you probably could fix cracked iPhone screens……, the rest of the answer to the question is ……with enough practice. This operation is so delicate that it’s VERY unusual for a newbie to get through it and not break multiple cables, buttons, microelectronic components and even the new replacement screen. These videos usually show a highly skilled technician performing the work and making it look far easier than it is.

So if the goal of doing it yourself is low price or cost savings then it’s doubtful you would accomplish your goal. If the goal is just to simply: fix iPhone screen no matter the time or cost but just for the satisfaction of doing it yourself, that works! One final word of caution regarding iPhone repairs- stay away from iPhone glass repairs as these tend to be short-lived and very little savings, to begin with. Tell them you’d like the LCD and screen replaced and ran if they try to steer you the other way.

Our iPhone repair services include the following screen repairs plus other apple ancillary maintenance 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, and 6 plus.

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