In-home computer repair, laptop repair, and tablet repair

Our technicians are seasoned vets at service, maintenance, and repair. If it’s got wires or batteries in it, we probably service it!

We have the ability to provide electronics services such as reflow soldering, chip replacement, capacitor replacement, DC jack repair, Cmos batteries, general soldering and circuit repair, internal battery replacement, LCD screen repairs, touch screen replacements, new exterior casings and bezels, keyboard and touchpad replacement, and can even recover data from failed devices!

Our Helpdesk technicians can additionally provide remote PC repairs to any system that can still get online. We can fix almost any computer software or setup issue without ever having to come out.

We can correct everything from computer viruses and malware to simple configuration or printing issues, and even major services like upgrades to operating systems or software. As long as internal parts are not involved, no need to pack up your precious hardware and truck it into a store.

We even have a design staff on-hand for rapid prototyping of small parts using 3D printing. We also print maker parts for hobby gear (drone parts, Go-Pro mounts, and other RC/robotics applications).

Other on-site services we provide include:

  • Desktop and Laptop Fan Repair
  • Computer Tune-ups and Speed and Performance Checks
  • Our Managed/Monitored Antivirus Program
  • Pop-up Blocking and Ad Blocking
  • Wireless Networking

We also do Security Checkups and Site Surveys for Small Business. Call us at (941) 218-1813 for more details.

a tech fixing a desktop computer
a tech fixing a broken tablet
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