Not again! The network is down and you are the one everyone on the team is yelling at. First understand that it is not your fault and feel safe in reminding your team that the network is up 99% of the time. Also, if these steps do not work just call us and we will get you back to work fast and assess why this happened in the first place. OK, now what to do;

  1. Check your devices. Can you connect to the internet on any of your devices, such as a smartphone or iPad? If so your service provider is probably OK but a quick call to them to make them check remotely if you have access is wise.
  2. Reboot your router. When we say reboot, unplug it, count to 10 then plug back in. Typically takes about 3 minutes to get its bearings.  
  3. Have everyone attempt to connect to a mobile hotspot. Most of their phones have this and it will keep people working.  
  4. If you are brave, you can replace your router. This is usually the trouble maker.
  5. Have everyone restart their computers and attempt to log back into the network. The computers will typically tell you what is wrong and why they cannot connect. Call us at (941) 355-5131 and we can walk you through some fixes on the phone. If not, we are on our way!
how to fix network problem