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When everything’s working great, the benefits of IT support and consulting firms may not seem that important. Why IT support is necessary becomes immediately apparent however when problems occur, IT Security, Computer Networking, Server Support, and problems are disruptive to your business. The percentage of commercial businesses that have IT disasters and never open their doors again would shock most people and is the reason why the right IT companies and IT solutions should be in place, way before things go wrong.

Many people use a reactive IT strategy of only calling tech support when something goes wrong enough that it creates a significant operational problem or business disruption occurs. When this happens, they will then call a local IT company and request help immediately. One of the problems with this system is that IT providers have no way to predict customer emergencies and all providers have legal obligation to service their contracted customers first. This means they may not always be able to respond immediately. If that’s the case and they can’t get to you timely enough, you’ll be forced to call someone else.

To the untrained eye, this doesn’t sound like the end of the world. However, a new technician who is unfamiliar with your setup and systems will take much longer to help you because they must first spend a substantial amount of time orienting themselves to your unique tech environment. The other problem is that they may not have the passwords or access they need because all that information may be unknown to the business owner just because they didn’t know to ask for it.

However, research has proven that companies with a proactive IT strategy (what’s known as Managed IT Services) have fewer problems with their systems and usually don’t spend any more on IT than the reactive folks and yet experience less downtime and less catastrophic breakdowns. And when major problems do occur they have the disaster preparedness to withstand them and are far less likely to become a went out of business

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