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When it comes to malware vs. virus, there is no universal malware definition in the IT security industry, but the term malware originated from the phrase “malicious software.” Malware is a very broad category of software, but any software that impairs the ability of the host computer to function properly would fall under this category. Viruses are considered to be a type of malware because they are usually a software that is written with some malicious purpose in mind. There are many kinds of malware and many forms of malware that can be encountered online and these threats are constantly evolving. Ask ten technicians what the best malware removal software is, and you’ll probably get ten individual answers. The one exception might be malware removal for Mac computers. Macs are far less susceptible to malware and the ones they are vulnerable to are not as difficult to remove. There are Apple malware removal tools along with free malware removal tools. But great care should be used when utilizing one of these as they are widely used to disguise actual malware. A malware download can be done with the user having no knowledge that anything has even happened and can sometimes only be detected by a sophisticated malware scanner or anti-malware detection system. There are many antivirus programs on the market including some built into Windows. None of these programs are foolproof, and just like the malware removal tools, there’s little consistency amongst experts on which are the best. A few years ago the free antivirus and free malware protection programs were quite helpful, but nowadays they offer limited malware prevention to computer novices. In fact it’s wise to be very wary of anything offering how to remove malware, such as free malware removal, website malware removal, remove malware from chrome, android, iPhone, iPad, how to remove malware from Windows 7, Microsoft malware removal etc. Especially from sites known to be loaded with ads and sketchy downloads like cnet and Facebook. A computer expert, such as a repair technician may be able to use the free programs successfully, but as a general rule the less you know about computers and online safety, the better your protection needs to be. For sure you want to know very well- what is malware and how can you prevent it if you use free threat protection. Some malware examples are Trojans, PUPS, keyloggers, zombies, instant checkmate malware, etc.

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