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Free Printer Cartridge! For the month of August bring your computer in for diagnostic, tune up or repair and we’ll give you your choice of any in-stock Ink Cartridge! (special order and toner cartridges not included) 

Our technicians are seasoned vets at service, maintenance, and repair!
We provide everything from Desktop and Laptop computer repairs, to Cell Phones and Tablets, and Everything in Between! Even general electronics and board level repairs!
If it’s got wires or batteries in it, we probably service that!
With our 2 FULL-service benches, we can provide repairs that others cannot!
We have the ability to provide electronics services such as Reflow Soldering, Chip Replacement, Capacitor replacement, DC Jack Repair, Cmos Batteries, General soldering and circuit repair, Internal Battery Replacement, LCD Screen Repairs, Touch Screen Replacements, New Exterior casings and bezels, keyboard and touchpad replacement, and can even recover data from failed devices!
Our Helpdesk technicians can additionally provide remote PC repairs to any system that can still get online! With our offering of a full range of remote service and repair, we can fix almost any computer software or setup issue without ever having to come out. Making service wait times much shorter. Typically we can provide remote service within minutes of a customer calling into one of our stores. Correcting everything from Computer viruses and malware, to simple configuration or printing issues, and even major services like upgrades to operating systems or software. As long as internal parts are not involved, remote service is usually much less hassle, with zero travel time and wasted gas. No need to pack up your precious hardware and truck it into a store, just give remote service a try, and you might be surprised how quickly you are back up and running!

With our vendors and partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, Asus, Dell, HP, and Apple, we can service all makes and models. Regardless of the operating system.
We work with Mac Osx and iOS, as well as provide all data services for the various Apple Product lines. All of them. We can provide service on everything from an Apple IIe on up to their most recent Product lines.
But no matter the OS, whether it be Linux, Android, MAC, Windows, Server, Hypervisor, ESXi, VMWare, or the multitude of others out there…. We can fix it!
Forget the Computer Geeks and the like, Get yourself a REAL NERD Today!
We eat, sleep, and breathe technology. We even have a design staff on hand for rapid prototyping for small parts using 3d printing, and we also printmaker parts for hobby gear. (Drone parts, Go-Pro Mounts, and other RC/Robotics applications)
Other in store or on site services we provide include, Desktop and Laptop Fan Repair, Computer Tune-ups and speed and performance checks, our managed/monitored Antivirus program, Pop-up Blocking and Ad Blocking, Security Checkups and Site Surveys for Small Business, Wireless Networking, and SO MUCH MORE!

Your One Stop Shop for EVERYTHING Computer Repair Related!

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