Computer Repair Services

Serving Bradenton, Sarasota, & Lakewood Ranch

PC Desktop Repair

Is your computer malfunctioning? Nothing can disrupt your work or life as much as a damaged computer. Whether you are working on business, school work, or creative projects, living without this essential equipment can be almost impossible.

Here at We Fix Computers & Networks, we understand the challenges that you face when this important piece of equipment is not cooperating. Which is why our technicians provide all our customer’s with prompt service and seamless communication at all times during their repair process.

computer tech fixing a Laptop

For Questions Call Us Today: (941) 355-5131

We have the ability to provide electronics services such as DC jack repair, Cmos batteries, general soldering and circuit repair, internal battery replacement, LCD screen repairs, touch screen replacements, new exterior casings and bezels, keyboard and touchpad replacement, and can even recover data from failed devices. Contact Us Today!

Other common PC repair services we provide include:

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