printer ink cartridges

Buying a printer is a one time cost. Since printer ink cartridges need to be bought on a regular basis, the cost of operating the printer and maintaining it in proper condition can add up. Each ‘print’ command, however small, makes your printer use ink. With some easy tips, you can actually save a lot of ink and use a cartridge for a longer period than usual.

 Print only what is necessary 

Let’s begin with economizing. Most often, we end up making unnecessary printouts and in the process waste precious ink. For instance, you might need to print only a small portion of a web page instead of the whole page. Instead of simply printing the whole page, complete with its heavy graphics etc, be specific on what you want to have in hard copy and print only that portion.

Text always consumes less ink compared to graphics or images. Do you require only the textual information? Make sure that you don’t print the graphics and images. Check each web page for its print version if you need to save one in a printed form. If there is no print version, you can copy and paste the text into a word document and take a printout of that.

Also, double check what you are printing before hitting the print button.

Go for a quick print preview 

Most branded printers such as HP, Canon, Dell, Epson come with a printer driver which has a very useful print preview function. With this function, you can have a prior preview of the copy you want to take a print out of.

This function is especially handy when you are directly taking the print out from the Internet. At times, what you see on a site is totally different as compared to the printed version. A quick preview can help to get the printout of the material that you specifically want.

 Make sure the power is turned off 

Just as you never switch off your computer without properly shutting it down, the same rule applies to your printer too. If you don’t shut down the printer properly, the print heads will remain directly exposed to air. This causes the ink to dry in the nozzles which, in turn, could affect the quality of printing adversely. Make it a habit to check the position of the print heads before cutting off the power.

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